Friday, 28 October 2016


I get a bit bored of parents rolling their eyes and despairing at the idea of the school holidays.  What?!  Is having your kids around such a chore?  Would you rather they were permanently in school?  I'm sure that certain, maybe most (I hope so) are joking.  But why do we joke about not liking to be with our kids?  I LOVE the holidays.  We get to do stuff, just hang out together, please ourselves.  Few things make me happier than being with my kids.  I'm in a strange transition period at the moment and, well I was about to say, my kids keep me grounded, but actually, it's the exact opposite, they keep me in fairyland, where everything is "fluffly", as Nell would say. I'm all for a bit of "fluffly" every now and again.

What is more, the Toussaint holidays are pretty much the best of the lot.  Too close to the summer hols and Christmas to feel the need to go away, but the most glorious weather down our way.  We celebrated the first day of the holidays by taking a picnic to the beach.  When the sun came out we baked nicely, when the wind started to blow we were refreshed by the nip in the air.

Happy days.


  1. Bex are you still live and writing at this place? It's Rachael here, we used to chat via our blogs - I wrote at mogantosh. Wondering if you are still living i France? We are thinking of moving over for a year towards the end of this year and it would be huge fun to meet up in actual person at some point. Hope all is well with you! You can get hold of me at xxx

  2. Bex, we miss your blog in Canada!


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