Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Five go on an adventure

I started writing this at the end of August and then September happened.  But it was so important to me, our little family jaunt, I absolutely wanted to capture a few memories on the blog.

For the first time EVER we went away for the weekend just the five of us.  On Wednesday, we booked a little house on Air BnB in the highest village perché of the Montagne Noire and on Friday we left.  Spontaneity, the older I get the more I live by you.  Fanf gave me free reign to organise whatever I pleased so I pleased myself entirely.  Our village, Pradelles-Cabardès, has its own little lake, which we could see from our house and we set out as soon as we arrived to dip our feet in the water, eat hot chips and drink wine in the friendly little bar by the lake side.

On Saturday we woke to a bright and blustery day and set off for a walk in the surrounding countryside, including visiting the village's famous glacières. Everyone walked well, even Nell, we saw pretty much no one, we had a lovely picnic on a shady log and finished back beside the lake for a dip and an icecream (the promise of which was a good motivator for little legs).

In the evening we had a BBQ back at our little house and watched many, MANY, shows.  The kids were feeling inspired.  Afterwards Matilda declared it had been her favourite night of the year.  All my cockles warmed!

The next day I took the troupes for a pinic lunch at the Cascade de Cubserviès.  Purportedly the highest waterfall in Europe.  Not sure about that but it was a beautiful spot for a picnic. 

Then in the afternoon we visited the Chateaux de Lastours, one of the most beautiful Cathar sites.  Is there anything better than a castle on a hill... Yes, four castles on a hill!!  Four castles nestled in stuning natural surroundings.  I took so many photos.  I loved it! 

Me.  Happy as the proverbial muddy pig.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Super Nell to the rentrée!!!

She's ready for action, go go Nell!!! Today she started school proper and apparently it was "good".  What she liked best was "painting".  All she ever seems to do at school is "painting".  Well, I suppose as the first two have been assigned the future careers of doctor and lawyer I can allow the last one to be an artist.

Owen ran to school this morning, he couldn't wait to get back and indeed they were all happy to start the new year.  I've always been a complete school nerd, I loved the first day of school, glad to see I have passed on my nerd genes.