Monday, 18 July 2016

Six glorious years

Favourite animal of the moment: the owl

Yes, my boy is six.  Six!  A big kid.  But he's such a dreamy innocent, I feel in his heart he'll always be a little kid.

Favourite princess of the moment: Ariel

I've been meaning to write this for ages, the birthday post, but I wasn't sure what to write, and I think that's because Owen doesn't change.  He just becomes more himself, and that's what I love about him.  Owen is an original, he does his own thing, he doesn't care what others think or say, for the moment his principal mode is HAPPY. And his happiness keeps him in a secure little bubble.  His little princess bubble.

I think we can safely say the dress-wearing, princess-loving antics are more than a phase.  For his birthday he got the LEGO Ice palace from Frozen.  Hours of fun!  I love the mini Olaf and Sven.

This is him leaping around on the beach pretending to be Elsa.

Reine de la Sable

And this is him leaping about in the waves pretending to be Elsa.

This year was the first time we organised a little party with his friends.  Mostly girls! 

No surprise that the girls all love him, just look how handsome he is with his surfer dude (princess) hair.  And those enormous blue eyes.

He is enthusiastic about everything.  When his mind doesn't wander he throws himself at any task with gusto.  Last week he did a circus workshop.  We dropped him off bouncing around at the beginning of each class, and picked him up still bouncing around.  When he did his end of workshop presentation he maintained an attitude of delighted concentration throughout.  He wanted to do well and enjoy himself.  I think this means, at the grand old age of 6, that he has life sussed. 

He's also a very fruity little loop.  So full of fun.  Owen, please don't ever change, we love you just the way you are!!!


  1. Happy birthday, lovely Owen! May your world always be filled with joy and sparkles xxx


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