Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Everything is awesome

Uncle Dan came and stayed with us for a lovely long weekend.  So lovely, but not long enough!!  It doesn't happen often that people brave our housebarelyholdingtogether and the kids were so excited to have cool Mad Unc D sleeping over.  Owen came down one morning and the first thing he said, before "Good Morning", before "Mother dearest how charmingly fresh you look this many a fine day", was "Where's Uncle Dan?"

We made the most of his stay to do stuff!  Me being a doer of stuff, it's always good to have an excuse.  We went up to visit the Grotte de Labeil in the Larzac region and under cover of a trip to the caves (the kids love caves, actually so do I!) I took them on a beautiful woodland hike with great views over the valley.

Marching with Uncle Dan

Owen took many, many, oh so many rather avant-garde photos of the caves, I will share only his favourite, a pat on the back and a feeling of smug self-satisfaction to anyone who can guess why!

Uncle Dan is not so much a doer of stuff as a lord of the loaf when he's on holiday so I allowed us a rest day on Sunday, but with, nonetheless, a trip to the beach for an apéro plage in the evening.

Kung fu on the beach with Sifu Fanf

Kung fu Nell

Nell and Uncle Dan marching home

Sadly there is only one photo of Uncle Dan (courtesy of Fanf's phone) because I forgot my camera, as I did also when we went for lunch in Narbonne and then for an afternoon's watery fun at the Espace de Liberté.  So here are some photos I took on our day in Larzac to make up for it!

And this is Nell pretending to be Uncle Dan.

Dan is the bestest Uncle and the brilliantest brother.  Laid back and cheeky, he fits right in with our gang.  And the fact that he doesn't have children of his own (wise man) means being with his nephew and nieces is amusing, how fun it is to play with kids if you know you can give them back when their batteries start to go flat or their circuits misfire. He is able to give them a kind of attention you don't get from those who have kids of their own.  For me, being with Dan (and indeed my other brother Ben) makes me feel myself.  The bond is strong with us.  When I see my three minibeasts go into a frenzy of crazy sibling giggles, when everything the others do is hilariously funny, I get nostalgic.  I can only hope, as in the case of Ben, Dan and I, that frenzy will become true lifelong friendship.  

Uncle Dan is awesome.

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