Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Yay.  A weekend of walking in the Caroux with the cousins.  Quite tough walking.  But beautiful.  So green and cool and fresh.  The perfect escape from the heat of summer and the buzz of tourists. 

As I was preparing our picnic Nell pitter pattered up to me and announced that she was ready for the mountains.  I suggested she was a tad underdressed...

She returned two minutes later dressed like this:

Having wrangled Nell into more suitable attire we were all good to go.  What I love about the Caroux is how varied the landscape is, from the soaring vistas to the verdant forests and the chestnut groves.

Indigenous wildlife
The gang

It was with complete and utter joy that we all plunged our weary feet into the nicely icy stream running through the chestnut grove during the final leg of our Sunday walk.

Weary feet

Light-dappled Nell

Happiness is...

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  1. Your surroundings are so majestic!
    I agree: Happiness is hiking with loved ones.
    I love the picture of the whole gang (minus Fanf, the photographer?) Looks like you're having such a great time and I want to join in the fun!


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