Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My littlest one is 3

My Nell turned three on 8th June.  My Nell, who continues to be a complete and utter joy.  Loopy, but a joy.  Just thinking about her and her little face makes me smile.  Whenever I'm around her I just want to cuddle her and kiss her and squish her and tell her I love her.  She's also very expressive, very giving of her love.  She's constantly telling people "I'm luff you", usually "because you nice".  She is also empathetic, always there to give you a reassuring pat of her hand, or a little kiss, or to tell you "it's not matter".  And she's friendly and open and generous (she always offers us a taste of her food) and funny and easygoing and, oh my lord, stop me, I'm starting to gush.  My sweet Nell, she just does that to me.

So is there anything about the kid that's a bit, you know, rotten?  Well, when things don't go her way, it is the absolute end of the world.  If you tell her "That's enough sweets now", what she hears is "I don't love you anymore, you stink!".  And she wails accordingly.  Ditto, "Welly boots are not suitable for 30° heat".  But her extreme reactions to... well, everything, whilst occasionally trying, I am choosing to take as a sign of a predisposition to drama that should be encouraged (in a suitable direction).  She also continues to be something of a comic, though we're not talking Dorothy Parker here, nothing brings down the house like burps and farts, which (if you're to believe my kids) only get funnier with each successive repetition.  And if in doubt, pull your pants down.  Nell is our little mistress of the moon. 

She's currently obsessed with Peppa Pig, actually I think she was born like that, hence the two birthday cakes:

She helped make her own cake this year and is becoming quite the little baker.  She doesn't eat cake however (prompting me to wonder whether she is not a changeling child) she just loves making it!  She's also turning out to be as fearless and agile as her sister, as dreamy and imaginative as her brother...

...and as gentle and kind as her papa.

Everloving, ever lovely, everybody loves Nell :) 

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Nell! She sure is a special one :)
    Lots of love from across the pond


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