Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Childhood on the cheap, or...

... why we like walking so much.  Yes, yes, here are some more photos of my children clambering up and down mountains with their friends.  It might seem that that is all we do.  And right now, you would not be far wrong.  There's been a lot of wind and rain here (if one more person tells me that it's like the UK when I know for a fact that the weather has been much better over there than here recently then I will... erm... be quite put out) but I don't mind, wind makes me cool, and rain makes everything green.  Green and cool are good in my book.

All this walking makes me very happy :)

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  1. We love walking too!
    It's cheap, it's lively, it gets the blood moving and the limbs limbered. It clears your head and puts you in a better mood. A hike is never wasted time and only adds discovery to your day.


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