Friday, 29 April 2016


Holidays.  Again.  The minibeasts are continually on holiday!  Still, I always love a break in the routine.  Though after two weeks non-stop everyone is exhausted.  Today it is beautiful here but the minibeasts begged me to let them stay home! So we have (almost, we did go and bask in the sun this morning in the square near our house - I am physically incapable of not going out at all).  But this afternoon, despite the glorious sunshine outside, we are inside.  And that's fine. Bex, that is fine. (*I tell myself sternly*)

Anyway, I'm going to give my neglected blog a bit of love and attention and share some of our happy happenings in the Vendée last week where we were staying with the beaux parents, along with Alex (Fanf's fellow go-karter) and his family.  We did many lovely things, including, the Abbaye de Maillezais, pretty much one of my favourite places in the entire world:

Strange medieval gargoyles

The abbey is surrounded by the Venise Verte de Vendée which is also extremely beautiful and we took a lazy trip around the waterways of Maillezais.  Fanf insisted on being manly and doing all the rowing.  And as is my right as a modern woman, I let him.  Matilda however did her bit by rowing like a champion.

After that we also made it to the beach at La Faute, which is Fanf's favourite place in the world.  Despite the decidedly chilly wind the kids did what kids do at the beach and quickly stripped off to dip in the ocean.

But the whole reason for coming to the Vendée was for Fanf and Alex to race their karts at the track just near Fanf's parents' house.  Big boys' toys :)  But then why should toys just be for children...

And for me, no trip to the Vendée is complete without a walk in the Forêt de Mervent.  Forests are such magical places, they feel like they exist out of time, you can see why they are the stuff of fairy tales, they breath enchantment.  Though Mervent mostly breathed mud this time.  So many muddy puddles to jump and splash through (thank you Peppa Pig).  The kids thought they were in heaven.  Owen ran through the puddles with such gay abandon he managed to splash right to the top of his head.  His boots still aren't dry!!!

Last, but not least, as a final treat, we took the kids to the zoo in Mervent.  I'm not a big fan of zoos but this small one is rather lovely, you get very close to the animals and there is a petting area with extremely friendly (and incontinent) goats. 

I'm very proud of this shot... mummy lemur with baby

However, the real treat for me was the unexpected return of my dear friend, Fanf's cousin, my ex-housemate Benoît, from Tahiti.  We hadn't seen him for three years and we were all reminded how much fun he is.  So happy to see him so happy.

I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo