Monday, 28 March 2016

It is a wise child

Practising Owen's reading with him this morning, he struggled with the letter 't' at the end of "zot" (it's occitan, don't ask).  Trying to help him correctly identify the letter I said, "It's what I like to drink".  His eyes lit up and he turned to me and joyfully exclaimed: "Zowine".


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Carnaval es arribat!

We are starting to measure out our lives in Carnavals Occitans!  This year it was Nell's first proper costume, dressed as an all-consuming flame (an all-consuming crafting task for the parents - 240 little flames, each composed of 4 separate flames, for each kid - craziness!!).  However, they did look super cute, and as all the hardworking parents agreed who'd slaved over making (and then glue-coating) all these flames, if there had been prizes for the best costume (there weren't) but if there had been... well, we'd have been celebrating a well-deserved victory.

Initially Nell seemed pretty unimpressed by the whole thing.

Then she got into the spirit of carnaval with gusto.

Then she decided that she would let papa use her as a headdress.

Then our little flame went spark out.

The theme was the elements and Matilda was dressed up as 'earth'.  Her teacher this year is not much given to flights of fancy when it comes to carnaval costumes.  We did however personally grow the plate of grass she is sporting as headgear.

Owen was more imaginatively dressed as a hot air balloon. Owen in fact got a bit carried away by the whole concept of the hot air balloon.  Or rather he thought he would be.  When I was chatting to his teacher about preparations he piped up and asked her how they would steer themselves once they were up in the air, he then turned to me to tell me that when I took photos I would have to make sure I pointed the camera upwards so I would not miss him.

Owen, my little dreamboat, I hope your imagination will always fly, even when your feet stay disappointingly earthbound.

p.s. I was also dressed as a flame.  Sadly (so sad) no one took a photo of me.