Thursday, 3 December 2015

Say what?

I started noting down Nell's lovely mispronutsiations a while ago and some of these have actually now been corrected (sob) but I would like to record them anyway, because they make me smile.

They are these:

babbit - a rabbit
papple - an apple
zique - music
Zazique  - Alix
diddybird - a ladybird
bees - a bee, or bees (as in one bees, two bees...)
yo / yorta - eau / water
pingu - a penguin
bupperfly - a butterfly
egg - a strawberry (why, Nell???  that's just weird!!!)
bong bong - a sweet (think about the French translation...)
wincey spider - a spider
pumpkin king - a pumpkin (thank you Nightmare Before Christmas)

 In fact she's now starting to really string words together:

I'm doned it/I'm liked it/I'm found it
I will fall - no!! - I will not fall!!
I'm make a poo - yup, nothing but 100% organic, fair trade, hand-crafted poo around here! (the same goes for farts)
I'm luff mummy (be still my beating heart)