Monday, 2 November 2015

This is Halloween

Cutest little pumpkin under the blazing southern sun

The holidays are over.  Gosh darn it, we had fun.  A post later.  Maybe.  But in the meantime, some photos of the Halloween festivities.  For the first time we celebrated Halloween properly this year at a fête organised by the local school in my belle-soeur Steph's village.  To me, it felt slightly weird trick or treating in broad, 25° daylight, but sweets are sweets and the kids had a whale of a time.

So did we! I am meant to be Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas, and I'll have you know I sewed that dress myself.  It took me hours... days!! At last, a sewing project perfect for my unique lack of skills.  To the left, our friends Bernard and Olivia, to the right, my belle-maman, who I thought was rather brilliantly disguised as Cruella de Vil.

And this is Pascal in his amazing home-made mask. His was the most chic Halloween costume I have ever seen.

Not so practical when it came to supping the much-appreciated beer at the end of the afternoon though...

In the evening we ate tartiflette and danced under a giant orange tent. Not entirely complimentary activities but a great time was had by all :)

p.s. I should mention, Owen was not simply a red-nosed ghost, he is Zero, Jack's ghost dog, also from The Nightmare before Christmas.  He really got into his role, and eventually we had to calmly but firmly ask him to cease his overenthusiastic yipping.


  1. I doth my cap to your excellent costume. Very impressed. What is Famf supposed to be? Xx

    1. Fanf is that old Halloween fail-safe: a zombie. Crappy old clothes? Check. White face? Check. Well, that's me done.


  2. I am most impressed by your Sally costume, mademoiselle couturière ;)
    Fab Matilda pose as a witch ;) and your pumpkin and zero the dog are adorable!
    Actually, all costumes (even zombie Fanf) are quite festive and ghoulish.

  3. Is Nell standing in a drain?


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