Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Indian summer

This was my minibeasts on the beach this afternoon (apologies for terrible photo taken on my phone).

And this was my kids on the beach two weeks ago (apologies for terrible photo taken with Matilda's bloggie, which makes the sky look grey when in fact it was blue as blue).

We have been having the most amazing run of beautiful autumn weather, we have been out and about, and the minibeasts have been permanently either semi or fully nude.  Now is when living in the south of France seems about the best possible thing in the world to me.  All around us the vines are turning glorious shades of golden red, we can spend all day basking in the sunshine, and there are pretty much no tourists!  Now is our time!  I've been a bit off cameras so haven't recorded much but in any case, my photos never capture the singular mélange of unseasonable warmth and fading autumn sunshine.

That said, I am also looking forward to the predicted drop of 10° this weekend.  Because I'm not sure I could cope with Christmas at 20° plus, that just wouldn't be right (sorry Australia, but a hot Christmas is weird).  But I thank whoever came up with the idea of the south of France for leaving us south-of-Francers an Indian summer to enjoy after all the tourists have gone home.

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  1. I love that first picture: wilderness, warmth, solidarity, childhood. These kids seem so grounded and confident - you wouldn't want to mess with them, especially with those sticks!
    Is the third child Zia? (or did you simply adopt a neighbouring child to add to your family!).
    Thank you for allowing me to feel warmth vicariously through you! Enjoy the warm breezes.


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