Sunday, 29 November 2015

Bed head

Owen is currently growing himself a rather resplendent head of hair.  In Owen's mind his flowing golden locks bring him ever closer to his hirsute ideal: Rapunzel. To the rest of us, he is Kurt Cobain in embryo.  No matter, everyone is happy.  He is the only boy with long hair in his class, and indeed the only boy with long hair among our friends and acquaintance.  Once again, I thank my lucky stars that my boy is merrily skipping along his own path.  

And the bed head is even more impressive from the back.

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  1. I've always been drawn to boys with longish hair… too bad Simon chopped off his two years after I met him :(
    It really suits Owen and I hope he keeps it up. It's easy maintenance and you can add variety to long hair: barrettes, elastics. Also, it saves trips (and euros) to the barber (although I have an inkling that you were the barber).


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