Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Precious utterances

Life is crazy crazy busy at the moment but just had to take the time out to share some of the wonderful things the mini-beasts have been saying.

Matilda, last week, à propos of nothing declared:

"Tu nous as fait naître en très bon état et avec beaucoup de joie... joie-osité." !!
[You birthed us in very good condition, and with lots of joy... joyousity]

Then yesterday in the car we were listening to Serge Gainsbourg's Comic Strip, and because the kids love anything that relates to their own lives I explained that old Serge was French and Ms Birkin was English.  I also told them that Papi James (my beau père) had been in love with Jane Birkin in his youth.  Matilda then asked me what Jane Birkin was like...

Me:  She is tall, and slim, she has her head in the clouds.
Matilda:  She is like Owen!
Owen:  No, I don't have my head in the clouds, I'm in the moon!!

"Dans la lune" is the equivalent expression in French and clearly Owen has overheard himself referred to in this way on a number of occasions.  Note to self: in this instance, Owen seemed only too happy with his reputation as a 'lunaire', I think he likes the rather romantic idea of living in the moon. I also love my dreamy little boy.  But beware of inadvertent pigeonholing!

And Nell, oh Nell.  Nell is delighting me at the moment with her strident 2-year-old ways.  One of the things the elder mini-beasts are punctilious about is not being interrupted when they're speaking.  Nell has picked up on this and if someone tries to butt in when she is mid-flow, will exclaim in offended tones , "I'm parling!".