Tuesday, 15 September 2015

La rentrée spontanée

 Nell started school this morning!  We hadn't planned it but she settled herself down to do some painting when we arrived to drop off the other two and then cried when I told her we had to go.  The maîtresse suggested I leave her, so I did!  Cati (her maîtresse) told me to come back at 10h just to check, I popped my head round the door, spotted Nell playing with some little friends (she didn't see me), Cati gave me a nod and I left again.  Fanf and I went to pick her up at midday.  She came running out to meet us, gave us both a big hug, then ran off to play in the playground.

I went to find out from Cati how things had gone.  "Aucun souci".  She told me that Nell "est aussi sage qu'Owen", that she followed all the instructions, was very happy to join in with the other children, in fact, apparently, she tried to look after the little ones, cuddling and caressing everyone.  Especially Quentin, the little boy with Down syndrome who has just started in the class.

And Nell was so excited when she came home, leaping all over the place.  May I just say: one very proud and happy maman. 

Afterthought: so glad we chose this school which has been so supportive and flexible and warm and welcoming.

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  1. Oh wow! What a brave little girl she is!You should celebrate mama Bex. You did well xox


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