Sunday, 20 September 2015

Joyeux Anniversaire Emile - Le Lac de Vailhan, Take 2

Remember this?  Four years on and we tried again.  Only this time, the weather was glorious, and it stayed glorious.

Same birthday boy, new littlest cousin

My handsome nephew is now 12.  I love it when Emile's birthday comes round, not only because I get to eat Anne's cake, but because Emile is a voracious reader and I have the enormous pleasure of trying to find new books for him each year.  This year we gave him Lord of the Flies, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and a manga that Fanf chose called Kenshin. In honour of our choices Owen and Nell came over all 'Lord of the Flies'.

Bit blurry, but captures the moment

The reason for coming to the Lac de Vailhan (as four years ago) was to sail the three boats made for the cousins by their Papi Viard.  It was the perfect conditions and we finally got to see the boats in action.  Nell spotted two people swimming and got very exicted, "Look, seals, mummy, seals!"  David Attenborough she ain't.  In our post boozy picnic daze, it felt very zen to sit and watch the boats as the sun glinted off the water.   

Very zen until Nell fell in that is.  Then things were a bit less zen and a bit more wet.

Wrapped up after her plunge - bring back any memories Uncle Dan?

But then we decided that in fact Nell had the right idea and we went for a swim.  Swimming in the middle of nature, there are few things so liberating.

Owen in a pool of light :)

Nell enjoyed hanging out naked for the rest of the afternoon and sneaked in her second watery incident when we asked the cousins to line up for a photo.  Papi Jean Luc (my beaux frères' dad) jokingly called out to a crouching Nell, "Fais pipi!" (Do a wee!) and you know, my littlest is very obedient, so she did!!


Oh Nell.


  1. The light in your pictures is gorgeous (oh, and also your subjects!)

  2. Clearly as well as the youngest child being the funniest, they are also the most likely to fall into water.


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