Monday, 28 September 2015

GBBE: cupcakes for grown ups

From my fabulous new cook book, Baked Occasions, courtesy of the GBBE guru, Katie, these sophisticated little lovelies are red wine and dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate glaze.

Specially made for a dinner with my not so sophisticated friends and relatives.

Matilda was most disappointed that she didn't get to experience the lovely cake display, ummm, thingy (is there a word for it??) kindly donated to us by Nao.  So I cooked the kids up some apple and cinnamon muffins last night.

Everyone's happy.

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  1. Were they good? If so, awesome! That must have been a really fun evening ;)
    I have to admit that when first reading "red wine cupcakes", my taste buds went all funky. Honestly, how were they?


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