Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Back and yet onwards

Our little angels

I know it's the rentrée when Louisa and Emilie arrive.  That's the second year in a row now I've had my five kids to get ready for the first day back at school. And it really was "I" alone this year as Fanf was off in Paris for his new job, manning the Everearth stand at the Babycool Salon... with Louisa and Emilie's parents!!!  Still, we all muddled through (I muddled quite a lot of fresh lime juice through gin) and had a lovely time over the last few days of holiday.  The rentrée is something of an emotional time for everyone.  It marks your kids growing up, the passage of time, the reclaiming of your own time.  It's slightly melancholic, slightly euphoric but above all reassuring. 

The holidays have veritably whizzed by, proving the old adage about time and fun.  But all that fun has left no time for blogging.  And I feel like I have missed out on recording so much.  Notably Nell's transformation from a baby to a little girl.  A very cheeky little girl.  Some catching up may have to go on around here.

In the meantime, wishing everyone a very bright and shiny September.

Our little monsters


  1. So lovely to see you all over the summer, and so sad that summer is all over. (The weather is definitely telling us so here in Blighty, although it was in July when you came, too.)
    Why are the kids wearing parachute packs? They really do teach useful stuff in France!

    1. You too Joo! I've been looking up places to stay in Barcelona for the weekend in October but have to wait until we actually have some money to book... :( Maybe we'll just party all night :)

      As for the parachutes, the kids in France do cart about the most enormous bags. Teaches them stamina I suppose. Matilda's is mostly filled with mouldy bits of old crap. I tried to clean it out over the summer but she assured me that every last bit of her mouldy old crap was a beloved and essential item. As the prospect of putting my hand inside the bag did not fill me with joy, I desisted.


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