Thursday, 24 September 2015

Artsing around

Not content with being members of one sect (the Occitan schools), we have gone and got ourselves enrolled in another: the Conservatoire.  Sounds so bloody posh when you say it in English, it makes me slightly embarrassed.  But yes, I have signed the two bigguns up to the local arts school and they started last week.  Actually, it's pretty cool.  Matilda is following a course in initiation musicale, which, two weeks in, just sounds like a lot of fun and games.

Dans les coulisses

Owen (along with his little buddy Zia) is now embarked on the Parcours Arts, a two-year course that will introduce him to the joys of theatre, music and dance.  When the teachers presented the course they explained that the idea was to mix and match the disciplines, which I think is a great idea.  The arts are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, why create rigid barriers when the arts (and artists) can be so rewardingly symbiotic.  Two weeks in and Owen and Zia have been chicks hatching out of eggs, rabbits, and have had to escape from the land of the worms/dinosaurs/crocodiles.  It just sounds like a lot of fun and games.  And hooray for that, artistic expression should always have an element of playfulness, especially for minibeasts.

The dance studio

The Parc de la Gayonne where the Conservatoire is based is also rather beautiful, which makes hanging around during lessons much more pleasant.  With a snazzy play area for little artists in waiting.

All the kids are delighted.  Owen even has a little crush on his dance teacher, Delphine, who he has talked about constantly since he met her.  On our our way home on Monday he asked me if we could invite her for an aperitif.  Bless.  Whilst not wanting to crush his largesse (or his little heart) I suggested we wait until he gets settled in to his year of fun and games before initiating any out-of-hours fraternising.

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  1. Bex, I am so impressed with your facilities and course offerings in France! It's so lovely that the Conservatoire is a little campus.
    I love the idea of interdisciplinary arts. It should be like that for young children: dance, theatre, music - all rolled into one! (When it comes to the arts, Canada could learn a thing or two from Europe!)


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