Monday, 8 June 2015

Twinkle Toes

During the curtain call

Owen had his dance gala last Friday and Saturday night.  That's two nights folks. And two dances, both of which were quite long (I've stuck films at the end of the post - hats off to anyone who manages to watch either to the end).  I have to admit I felt my heart pinch when his tiny little body appeared on stage at the beginning of his first dance.  The students perform in a large theatre in front of lots of people, Owen's group are the youngest and they were exceedingly cute, and exceedingly brave.  I was so impressed.  Owen has always danced to the rhythm in his own head and (as you might or might not be able to tell from the videos) is not always completely on the ball, but he enjoys himself, which I think is the most important thing at his age. I'm so proud of him.

We went to see the show on Saturday night with a full complement of tontons, tantines and cousins.  Everyone had great fun.  When I went to fetch Owen after the show I tried to scoop him up in my arms and congratulate him but he wriggled away saying "Can I go and join the cousins?".  Sigh.  I really got the feeling that the show was no big deal for him (and of course cousin love comes before everything else).  He wasn't nervous at any point or phased by performing in front of a theatreful of people.  He told me afterwards, "I liked being on stage, même I adored it!"  Ah, the lure of the limelight, it's hard to resist.  And I hope he won't!!

!! Word of warning, we were sat right by the speakers and the music is very loud !!

La valse d'Amélie:

Le Sampa:

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  1. He is so calm and "à son affaire" when on stage. A born performer that one. xox


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