Tuesday, 2 June 2015

There's something about Katie

Life seems to be getting away from me at the moment, stopping my new blogging flurry in its tracks.  But I couldn't let a visit from Katie pass without mention, when it comes to RTBCs, my friendship with Katie is right up there.  Spending time with kindred spirits is like an eternal first sip of beer after a hot day in the sun - refreshing, reviving and conducive to instant merriment.

The highlight of her visit was a tour around the Noilly Prat factory in Marseillan.  Noilly Prat make and sell Noilly Prat white and red around the world but only in Marseillan can you get Noilly Prat ambré, the finest of the lot and that much more special because you can only get it there.  In actual fact, each of the three versions is made using the same three wines but the different colours and flavours are created using herbs and spices.  The other great thing we learned from the tour was that the enormous success of Noilly Prat was pretty much down to a woman, Anne-Rosine, who in the 19th century ran the company for nearly 40 years and expanded the business to export Noilly Prat sec worldwide.  I'm always impressed when I come across these women who simply got on with leading the lives they wanted to lead, without fanfare, before women's lib was even invented.

Of course, we got to taste everything at the end.
Cheers Auntie Katie!

Other than our alco-jolly, we spent most of our time chatting and eating and drinking.  Much as I do like to take visitors out and about, with old friends, whatever you do is simply a background to the chatting, reminiscing about the past, dreaming about the future and putting the world to rights.  So cheers again from me Katie, like a bottle of ambré, the only way to get the good stuff is to go to the source.  A Katie by any other name would certainly not be as sweet.

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  1. Ah… lovely Katie! (and sporting red - bonus!). I do hope that one day our (mine and Katie's) paths will cross again...


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