Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nature's craft cupboard

Last weekend we were looking after our friends' children, Juliette (5) and Benjamin (2).  For all those people who are always saying to us, "Oh, go on, you'll have another one", no, definitively, no - we won't.  Five is very many children.  At least two too many.  Fanf and I opted for a strategy of divide and conquer (or divide and survive) so in the afternoon while the little ones slept, I took the three big'uns to the park and we made some beautiful art together.  One of the things that always stops me in my crafting tracks (and my tracks are just not that crafty naturally) is my lack of money and time to stock a proper supply of craft materials.  As I have made clear in previous crafting posts, I like to make do with old tat.  And as we discovered last weekend, nature is very generous with her old tat.  And how much more agreeable as a parent to turn that old tat into lovely but ephemeral artwork... rather than carting random bits of old rock, rotting leaves and mouldy acorns home in your bag to continue rotting and moulding around the house.

So here I give you....

1.  The Leaf Lion

Lion faces.

2.  Princesse Elsa de feuilles belles aux pétales et aux fleurs jaunes

Note the high heels.

Princess faces... apparently.

p.s. This photo makes me laugh.

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