Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Béziers School for the Young and Gifted: Advanced social greetings

With visiting lecturer (and adored cousin) Monsieur Pierrot Plaire:

We had Pierrot and his brother Emile over for a sleepover last week.  I am amazed by their endless patience with my three little screeching banshees, who are all besotted with their big cousins.  I have never been close to my cousins, and never particularly felt I had missed out, but the joy, love and laughter my three experience with their cousins makes me see how special cousin love can be.

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  1. How lucky our kiddies are to be surrounded by awesome cousins!
    From what I can observe with Margot and her cousins: she is totally herself without any inhibition, speaking her thoughts loud and clear, holding her ground, expressing her opinions, displaying affection, tears, anger… all of these within an hour of being with her cousins. And when things get out of hand, we go home ;)


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