Thursday, 7 May 2015

Jump for Joy

Nell has been trying desperately to jump for weeks now.  You know that way kids have, knees bent, arms flapping up, in the vain hope that the feet will just magically lift off.

Today, I am delighted to report that she has mastered the vigorous art of jumping and she just won't stop.  She has to jump off every step, every wall, every curb, every slightly raised object she comes across.  It makes for quite slow progress, but one very tired and happy little girl.  I totally get it, jumping is brilliant.  It is joyous and optimistic and when you're very little it must feel a bit like you're flying.


  1. Bravo Nell! Jumping is fabulous!
    I feel like I recognize the location of that video: the viewing spot by the big cathedral?

    1. It's actually on the bridge at Minerve (see previous post), nowhere in Béziers is that clean unfortunately!! xxx

  2. Who doesn't like a good jump! x


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