Thursday, 7 May 2015

Jump for Joy

Nell has been trying desperately to jump for weeks now.  You know that way kids have, knees bent, arms flapping up, in the vain hope that the feet will just magically lift off.

Today, I am delighted to report that she has mastered the vigorous art of jumping and she just won't stop.  She has to jump off every step, every wall, every curb, every slightly raised object she comes across.  It makes for quite slow progress, but one very tired and happy little girl.  I totally get it, jumping is brilliant.  It is joyous and optimistic and when you're very little it must feel a bit like you're flying.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A long weekend, mostly in the pays Minervois

May is all holidays in France and we kicked off our first long weekend on Friday with a trip to Minerve with the grandspoilers and my aunt and uncle, visiting from Brussels.  Minerve is one of my favourite places in the Hérault, a beautiful village that perches on a limestone outcrop between two river gorges.

For once there was actually water running through the valley and the kids instantly whipped off their shoes and socks to paddle.  Matilda was desperate to walk all the way across but was also desperate that we accompany her so Fanf and I fearlessly waded into the freezing cold water.  Once they'd got us cold and wet they were quite happy to keep crossing and recrossing on their own.  Much as I'm eager for them to be brave and strike out, its not entirely ungratifying that they need a little helping hand to take the leap every now and again.  That's sort of what we're here for, n'est-ce pas?

On Sunday we headed back to the Minervois for a walk with friends.  It's so gloriously green at the moment, with flowers everywhere and the smell of fresh herbs wafting through the air.  I dream of one day heading out just the five of us but the reality for the moment is that the kids walk much better when they're with friends.  I prefer to walk in harmony in company than in grumpy, grumbling isolation.  And going walking together is a great way to get to know people, be they your own family or friends.

We finished, inevitably, with our feet (and in Nell's case her bottom) in the water surrounded by thousands of tadpoles.

Bring back any memories for anyone??? :)

Oh, and Matilda came up with an ingenious way for transporting her socks.