Friday, 10 April 2015

On chante!

(Not actual singing group)

Along with three other friends, Anso, Amel and Gégé, we have decided to form a singing group.  We have been talking about it for ages and now we have started meeting every Thursday morning for some "la, la, la".  I have so much fun, in fact we all do.  It's sans kids and everyone brings a song, so far we've had stuff in English, French and Portuguese.  I'm discovering some great music and getting to share some of the music I love.  Something about singing is so envigorating, and so unifying.  I think we all felt a bit stupid at first, but then the music grabs you and you just go with the flow.

Last week Anso brought along a French classic, L'amant de Saint-Jean that I didn't know but instantly fell in love with and have become (to Fanf's horror) slightly obsessed with.  Have a listen, sung here by the incomparable Edith Piaf:

But Fanf's horror doesn't end there because the mini-beasts have also become obsessed.  And here, for your listening pleasure, are there own incomparable versions of L'amant de Saint-Jean.  

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  1. -The pic of these four 1950's ladies should be your poster!
    -I think Owen't strength is in dance.
    -Matilda is a natural! I love the part when she brings her hands together.


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