Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mini GBBE: Chocolate brownie muffins - and a new recruit!

Matilda is obsessed with brownies at the moment which proves she is a) my daughter and b) human.  We have made brownies, peanut butter brownies, chocolate brownie cake, coconut brownies, and today her choice was chocolate brownie muffins.  Recently we have been sticking to the old favourites baking-wise but I think we may have found a new recipe to add to our list.  We didn't bother with nuts, used greek yoghurt instead of sour cream and added many, many, many white chocolate chunks.

Today was extra special because for the first time Nell joined in the fun.  She was so excited when Matilda tied her apron on and she got to sit on the work surface.  To my great surprise and huge relief, she was a very careful and conscientious little assistant, undertaking every task with total concentration.  The kid understands the seriousness of cake.  Though she proved herself entirely in tune with the spirit of the Mini GBBE team by delighting most in the post-mess spoon-licking.

Baking has become less a hobby and more a way of life round these parts.  In this one small way at least, my life is everything I hoped it would be.


  1. So… when will the baking book hit the bookstore?
    I love how all three are so involved in making sweets!

    1. I should create a book of recipes that are best licked raw off the spoon...


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