Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Can you say... wrigglebottom?!

Ok ok, so to the untrained ear this just sounds like a lot of grunts and growls, but to the loving ears of her parents, those grunts and growls represent Nell's first foray into the wonderful world of words.  It makes me chuckle that one of her first words is 'cranberry', a child of the 21st century.  And like her brother, she refers to Papi Mike, as Mike.  Also totally hip, and modern and cool.  Or lazy.  I don't know if you noticed but frequently she just says the beginning of a word, showing a worrying tendency to half-assedness.  Her most common words are 'merci' and 'sorry'.  She is the politest child ever.  I love the way she says sorry, I'm half tempted to send her in to attack her brother and sister just so I can hear her say sorry afterwards.  But I don't.  Obviously.  What amuses me most about this little video however is her complete inability to stay in one place (as compared to O's calm and poised first efforts), the kid can't sit still.

Sweet as she is, Nell is quite a forceful little character.  I suspect her acquisition of language will mark her ascendency to top banana round these parts.

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  1. My favourite is "sorry"! And chocolate… chocolate is an important one to know in your household ;)


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