Sunday, 12 April 2015

A girl and her (sister's) sunglasses

Nell and I took a trip to the park last Friday, just the two of us.  It's quite rare now that we don't either meet up with or bump into friends.  But I realised we should ditch the crowd more often, we had so much fun.  In particular we talked much more and she picked up every word.  Her favourite being 'dirty', a word with which she is very familiar, and just saying 'dirty' makes her giggle.  No doubting her parentage.

She brought Matilda's new sunglasses with her and wore them for most of the morning.  However, no matter which way you present them to her she will very carefully ensure she puts them on upside down.  As you might guess from the glut of photos I am rather besotted with Nell in her sunglasses.  Or 'Tilda nette' (from "lunettes", French for glasses), as she calls them.

I was also mightily impressed, and may I say relieved, that after two hours in the park she managed to walk all the way up the very steep steps to get home.  That's my girl!  (Still wearing the glasses, note.)


  1. Tildanette - that could be her nickname ;)
    For a few years, Margot would always put her sunglasses on upside down. I think it's quite fashionable!

  2. In anyways she wears that glasses, she still looks awesome!
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