Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Flying high

Last night we took Matilda and Owen to see Tiravol by Compagnie Daraomai, a circus-dance show at La Cigalière, along with our friends Anso and Tilio.  So amazing!  We all came out flying high on the adrenaline of a show that had us all gripped to our seats.  Modern circus is so complete.  The two performers, without saying a word, created characters and a relationship between them that was utterly engrossing, both funny and moving.  Their physical power and control was so strong it created some very strange yet beautiful images.  Matilda could barely sit still she was so excited and Tilio and Owen were transfixed.  At one point the two performers engaged in what was essentially an enormous pillow fight around the auditorium, which included assaulting the audience with gigantic pillows.  The kids were breathless from shock and hilarity, "Ils sortent de la scène!" Matilda kept squealing.  Ah, so good to see their barely nascent perception of what theatre is already being challenged.

At the end of the show the performers said they would be around if anyone wanted to talk to them.  We left the auditorium and went into the foyer and Owen started darting around like a crazy person.  I asked him what he was doing and he said he was looking for the dancers, he was desperate to speak to them.  So we returned to the auditorium to find the girl chatting, "C'était génial!" Owen gushed at her enthusiastically.  And the kids got to have a go on the Chinese poles that had provided the framework for the show.  It was an inspiring night!  There's something elemental about circus that speaks to everyone, regardless of age, language or culture, and it's something that I love.

If you want to get an idea you can watch the edited highlights of the show.  Oh and as you can hear, the music was rather cool too.

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  1. This looks fab! It's incredible how much the circus art form has evolved during these last decades. Merci Cirque du Soleil! ;)
    However, while watching the video clip, I couldn't help but wonder how this "performance" should be categorized: circus or physical theatre? Does it matter?
    Love it! And I love how it's accessible to children and adults alike.


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