Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Carnaval joy

Yes, it's carnaval time again.  This year's theme was carnivals of the world, Owen was a Gilles from the carnival of Binche in Belgium, and Matilda was a Touloulou from the carnival of Cayenne. 

Owen looked so damned cute I just wanted to pick him up and cuddle him all the time.  However the obscene number of staples holding his loo roll hat together made such a proposition physically impossible.

I also had a loo roll hat but thankfully no one took a photo of me.  I suspect myself of looking a bit silly.  Certainly not damned cute at any rate.  Anyway here are some of the fun moments :)

Monsieur Carnaval being led up the allées

Owen - not loving the confetti

And so bye bye to carnaval for another year. It was fun as ever.


  1. Beziers is a rockin' town! ;)
    Is this the Carnaval where they burn the Monsieur Carnaval? (or is that another one?)

    1. No this is the 'Burning Man' one, only he burnt so quickly this year I missed the photo!


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