Monday, 5 January 2015

Hello 2015!

So that's that over for another year.  Sob.  We had a great two weeks, out of our rhythms, out of our daily world, out of time.  I'm feeling in a blue funk about having to go back to the ordinary.  We had two totally contrasting weeks.  A week of rain, mostly spent indoors, in the Vendée.  And then a week of glorious sunshine, mostly spent outdoors, in the south of France.

In the Vendée, I made the most of the bad weather to do a Coconut Snowman workshop (in English) with the cousins.  The great thing about these little guys, apart from how cute they look, is that once the kids have eaten off all the sweet decorations they just leave the coconut ice lying around.  And you all know how I hate a mess...

We did manage to get out for one walk into the forêt de Mervent, the grisly, grey wetness of which brought back warm feelings of the motherland.

Anyone looking for tips on how to travel with three small children (the Vendée is a 6-hour drive away), here's a little clip demonstrating an hilarious in-car game of sibling tennis.

Back in the south of France with the sun going hell for leather and temperatures of 17° I got the gang out walking as often as I could.

It was also quite windy.

Fanf and I even got away for a day by ourselves to go walking in the winter sun.  So refreshing.  I do love walking with the kids, but it's nice not to have to be constantly up and jolly and encouraging (and distributing sweet treats) and just walk, chat pleasantly, or not chat at all and simply share some companionable silence.

Oh and here's Nell in a box - remind you of anyone??

Right, 2015, let's get on with it then.  What I'm looking forward to this year is more time in the motherland.  I couldn't tell you why but at the moment I'm feeling quite homesick, and heartsick, for Blighty and my lovely fellow Brits.