Sunday, 23 November 2014

Now she is 6

During the school holidays (holidays - hah!) my firstborn became a six-year old.  This was all very exciting for her and we celebrated with a trip to Carcassonne, a birthday fajita dinner, festivities with the cousins and an obscene amount of cake.  She likes to milk her special day and frankly I'm quite happy to eke out excuses to make and eat cake as well.

Matilda at six is equal parts charming, thoughtful young lady and stroppy incipient teenager.  Her feelings run high and whether overcome with joy or drowning in sorrow the emotions come flooding out of her.  Consequently she can be quite shy and sensitive at times.  She adores Nell and Owen is her best friend; as head-minibeast she is protective and bossy in equal measure.  What I love most about her are those small moments of kindness and empathy.  When I'm rushing around like the Tasmanian devil on speed and she says to me, "It's alright mummy, don't get upset".  When she asks Fanf how his day was.  When she encourages and congratulates Owen and Nell. 

 She also has a good healthy streak of crazy.

 At six Matilda loves:

Her cousins
Learning to read
Zia and Marco
Making things

Oh, and pigging out.  No doubting this kid is mine :)


  1. I love the photo of Matilda and Nell together. Matilda adored Nell from the moment she was born and the connection between them has grown throughout the months. They are two beautiful and affectionate girls and there seems to be a special relationship between them. This is not always the case beteen sisters so long may it last.

  2. Ps I rather like Matilda's poncho on her. I admit to being biased as it is a " Nana Knit"

  3. Your description of Matilda is lovely. She really is like that.
    p.s:I too love her poncho. Beautiful knit Wendy!

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