Tuesday, 25 November 2014

10 things so sweet about you

1. The way you shout "Daddy" and rush to see him when he arrives home.

2.  The way you run to give Matilda and Owen a kiss and a cuddle when they come downstairs in the morning.

3. The way you wave at photographs of people.  Or even the picture of the baby on the shampoo bottle!

4.  The way you flash your Über-smile at passersby in the street.  You smile ALL the time.

5  The way you go and give someone a hug when they're crying.

6.  The way you sing "Peeeee-ppa Pip!" every time you see a picture of Peppa Pig.

7.  The way you squeak like an over-excited guinea pig whenever you want something.

8.  The way you so desperately want to be one of the gang.

 9.  The way you love labels, any label.  And the accompanying Pavlovian thumb-in-mouth response.  The other day, Owen was crouched on the floor playing and you grabbed the label sticking out the back of his trousers and snuggled up behind him.

10.  The way you are always - always have, perhaps always will - sticking your tongue out and blowing raspberries.  It is your answer for everything and shows you have a proper sense of the absurdity of life.


  1. She's a clown that one! Better train her for the circus ;)
    On a more serious note: she's so sweet that Nell. What fabulous energy she adds to your lil' gang!

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