Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Canadians

Spot the difference

One of my oldest dearest friends, Jen, came to visit us from Canada this summer with her charming family.  I hadn't seen her for five years.  I was so excited about her coming, but also slightly nervous.  I was worried about:

- my expectations being impossibly high,
- feeling like strangers after all this time,
- that our new family rhythms wouldn't gel,
- that I would be heartbroken when they left.

But I was wrong on all counts.

We had the most wonderful time together.  Getting out and about as well as plenty of time just hanging out, even a cosy drink between girls.  (Girls!  Crazy, but yes I still think of myself, and all my friends as girls - as in "she's a game old girl").  And the kids got on like a house on fire, bonding over a mutual love of Frozen, which they spent one evening reenacting in its entirety - Matilda directed (of course) and Owen took the role of Anna letting Margot be Elsa, no higher expression of his love exists.  So early hopes for some intercontinental nuptials remain firm, the only possible snag to proceedings being deciding who gets to wear the dress...

In fact everything just went perfectly.  Jen and I felt like we'd never been apart, what with the letters, the blogging, the emails and the skype chats, there are few people with whom I have more contact and the friendship continued quite naturally face to face.  Everyone was laid back, everyone got on.  There was much wine drunk.  I'm not saying those two facts are linked.  I'm just saying.

Nor did I feel heartbroken when they left and I had to hug my beautiful Jen goodbye.  Because we still have our blogs, and our letters, and email and skype and I know that we have many more adventures ahead of us.

In the meantime, thank you so much for flying around the world to see us.  Please come back soon.


  1. We will always be girls, even when we are hobbling around at 92!
    We will be back and not wait five years before hanging out together. It did feel so natural seeing you, Bex! As if we've been neighbours all those years…kindda…

  2. What a fun trip! Every time I get to a red stop light I tell Jen "in France they'd have roundabouts" and curse Canada a lil' bit :)


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