Friday, 5 September 2014

La rentrée

 The obligatory picture of my kids with their bags. Neither of them changed teacher or class so la rentrée was even smoother than usual.  I practically had to get O in a headlock to demand a goodbye kiss.  The only one not happy was Nell, who wanted to stay at school too.

This rentrée was a bit different because we had two extra in tow.  For the last five days of the holiday I was looking after my friends' two girls, Louisa and Emilie.  That's five children to herd on the big day, but frankly we had no problems.  My talents are clearly wasted with just the three, if it wasn't for Fanf I'd be on the lookout for some handsome Captain Von Trapp type.  (Cos if you're going to have seven I think it best to appropriate someone else's).

 I have felt completely wiped since the kids went back to school.  At first I thought this bizarre, given that my days are calmer but I think it is precisely the sudden calmness which has given my body permission to let go.  I don't have to be on all the time.  I have loved having some one on one time with Nell again but she sleeps in the afternoon so I am enjoying zoning out, not being in the moment, mind wandering... all fancy ways for saying it's great to be a lazy slattern once in a while.


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  1. Ah Bex! You always make me laugh! xox p.s. Don't get too slacker: you have work to do! ;)


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