Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Gappy Gertie

My first baby lost her first tooth!  She has been so excited for the last couple of days.  Ever since the wobble set in.  Even waking me up in the middle of the night to tell me how excited she was and how she couldn't wait for her tooth to fall out.  At that point I would have happily yanked it out for her...

So tonight she shall be receiving a visit from the tooth fairy, or perhaps la petite souris (the little mouse) who remunerates French tooth shedding.  After some hasty research into the going rate for milk teeth, it seems some little froggies demand (and get) notes, which I suppose are lighter than coins and so easier for little mice to haul about.  But the English tooth fairy is made of stronger stuff, not only will she fly all the way across the Channel, she is perfectly capable of carrying a perfectly reasonable 1 euro piece.


  1. Go go go tooth fairy!
    Question: By the souris bringing notes, do you mean bank notes or little cute written notes (my first instinct)?

  2. Sadly I mean bank notes, that's minimum 5 euros - 5 euros a tooth! Outrageous!


    1. Get that English tooth fairy down there! :)

  3. Poor Margot, the Canadian tooth fairy accepts hugs. She loses on the exchange rate.


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