Saturday, 27 September 2014

Made up

Yesterday morning, Matilda and Owen descended looking triumphant but sheepish.  Owen came up to me grinning and shiny-cheeked:

"Sans faire exprès, on s'est maquillé", he informed me gleefully.
[We accidentally put make up on.]


Well, oooops.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Girls' Night In

With my girls.  For the first time ever.  So exciting.  Fanf was away in Paris and Owen staying over with a friend so we decided to make a night of it.  We made pizza.

Ate pizza.  Which Matilda thought was just hilarious.  Mainly because Nell spent the entire time trying to escape from her chair.

Then with mini Houdini in bed, Matilda and I snuggled up under the duvet on the sofa with a pot of chocolate icecream to watch Wallace and Gromit The Curse of the Wererabbit.  The whole evening was chosen by Matilda and when we were deciding what film to watch she said we didn't want anything too girly.  How cool that she understands asking me to sit through something princessey would have made my toes curl whereas when it comes to duvets + icecream, I'm happy to be as 'girly' as you please.

How pleasant it is to enjoy the company of one's own children.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Gappy Gertie

My first baby lost her first tooth!  She has been so excited for the last couple of days.  Ever since the wobble set in.  Even waking me up in the middle of the night to tell me how excited she was and how she couldn't wait for her tooth to fall out.  At that point I would have happily yanked it out for her...

So tonight she shall be receiving a visit from the tooth fairy, or perhaps la petite souris (the little mouse) who remunerates French tooth shedding.  After some hasty research into the going rate for milk teeth, it seems some little froggies demand (and get) notes, which I suppose are lighter than coins and so easier for little mice to haul about.  But the English tooth fairy is made of stronger stuff, not only will she fly all the way across the Channel, she is perfectly capable of carrying a perfectly reasonable 1 euro piece.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Canadians

Spot the difference

One of my oldest dearest friends, Jen, came to visit us from Canada this summer with her charming family.  I hadn't seen her for five years.  I was so excited about her coming, but also slightly nervous.  I was worried about:

- my expectations being impossibly high,
- feeling like strangers after all this time,
- that our new family rhythms wouldn't gel,
- that I would be heartbroken when they left.

But I was wrong on all counts.

We had the most wonderful time together.  Getting out and about as well as plenty of time just hanging out, even a cosy drink between girls.  (Girls!  Crazy, but yes I still think of myself, and all my friends as girls - as in "she's a game old girl").  And the kids got on like a house on fire, bonding over a mutual love of Frozen, which they spent one evening reenacting in its entirety - Matilda directed (of course) and Owen took the role of Anna letting Margot be Elsa, no higher expression of his love exists.  So early hopes for some intercontinental nuptials remain firm, the only possible snag to proceedings being deciding who gets to wear the dress...

In fact everything just went perfectly.  Jen and I felt like we'd never been apart, what with the letters, the blogging, the emails and the skype chats, there are few people with whom I have more contact and the friendship continued quite naturally face to face.  Everyone was laid back, everyone got on.  There was much wine drunk.  I'm not saying those two facts are linked.  I'm just saying.

Nor did I feel heartbroken when they left and I had to hug my beautiful Jen goodbye.  Because we still have our blogs, and our letters, and email and skype and I know that we have many more adventures ahead of us.

In the meantime, thank you so much for flying around the world to see us.  Please come back soon.

Friday, 5 September 2014

La rentrée

 The obligatory picture of my kids with their bags. Neither of them changed teacher or class so la rentrée was even smoother than usual.  I practically had to get O in a headlock to demand a goodbye kiss.  The only one not happy was Nell, who wanted to stay at school too.

This rentrée was a bit different because we had two extra in tow.  For the last five days of the holiday I was looking after my friends' two girls, Louisa and Emilie.  That's five children to herd on the big day, but frankly we had no problems.  My talents are clearly wasted with just the three, if it wasn't for Fanf I'd be on the lookout for some handsome Captain Von Trapp type.  (Cos if you're going to have seven I think it best to appropriate someone else's).

 I have felt completely wiped since the kids went back to school.  At first I thought this bizarre, given that my days are calmer but I think it is precisely the sudden calmness which has given my body permission to let go.  I don't have to be on all the time.  I have loved having some one on one time with Nell again but she sleeps in the afternoon so I am enjoying zoning out, not being in the moment, mind wandering... all fancy ways for saying it's great to be a lazy slattern once in a while.


Thursday, 4 September 2014

How it should be

So much to catch up on, I don't know where to begin.  So I won't, not today. In the meantime, this:

Snapped, all three their nose in a book, while I prepared tea yesterday.  Long may it continue...