Thursday, 10 July 2014

The big 4 O

 My little man turned 4.  My little man turned 4 many times, requiring many cakes.  We began with the Elsa cake, moved on to the farm cake, had a favourite loaf cake for a birthday picnic in the parc and, my pièce de résistance, finished with the green dragon cake.

But enough about cake.  My little man turned 4!  And such a splendid little man he is.  For his birthday he asked for an Elsa dress, and received a lovingly and beautifully handmade version from the ever impressive Auntie Katie, and an electric train.  Owen is a modern man, in touch with all aspects of his eccentric personality.  Just thinking about him and his happy little face makes me smile.

We went into school last week to celebrate with his class.  Part of the birthday ritual at the Calandreta involves choosing 4 people to jump up and down with while the others chant along to the beat of a tambour (don't ask me why, it's all in Occitan and I haven't a clue what's going on).  Last year when I came in with Owen to celebrate Matilda's birthday her first choice of fellow jumper was Owen.  This year, with Matilda on special leave from her class, the first person Owen chose was Matilda.  Their closeness nevers ceases to delight me.   After Matilda followed a string of little blonde girls...  "Ah, Owen et ses princesses!" his teacher sighed.

Owen also loves his teacher, Cati, who is not blonde but tall and foreboding with a shock of frizzy black curls.  To be honest she's quite frightening.  But all the kids adore her.  Owen made her a thank you card for the end of the year.

When he showed me, I pointed to the small round object to the bottom right, "Is that a spider?" I asked innocently. "No, it's Cati's hand, someone cut it off".  Well, that's nice isn't it.  Nothing says thank you like a bit of dismemberment.

My strange and loving Owen, you give the biggest, bestest squeezy hugs, don't ever stop.

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  1. I'm very impressed with your cakes mama Bex. I can almost taste the sugar from all the way across the ocean ;)
    Owen, I know a little girl who is envious of your beautiful Elsa dress. Your Auntie Katie brims with talent.


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