Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The mountains

I have a bit of a backlog of posts (and by posts I mean photos - blog posts are no more than thinly veiled excuses to bombard you with images).  To begin with, our glorious trip to the Caroux mountains with all the cousins, tontons and tontines.  Spectacular views, bracing winds and wonderful company.  We did two days of walking with an overnight stay in a charming stone gite.  Owen was delighted as he got to sleep in the bedroom on the third floor or, as he would have it, "dans la tour du château" [in the castle tower].

Anyway, just a few photos from the many millions I took.  Potential and future visitors take note, this is only an hour's drive from our home.  And yet people throng to the beaches.  Crazy.  Though please, people, continue to be crazy.  Cover every square inch of sand with your leathery lobstery skin and leave me the peace and space and inspiration of the mountains.

Matilda diligently added a stone to each cairn.
(Fashion sense entirely her own)

The broom was in brilliant yellow bloom.

Nell on a mountain.

"Je peux voir les montagnes!"

Nell gamely came along for the ride.  She was full of cold and spent most of the time looking like this.

 Though she also made the most of the opportunity to bond with Tonton Pascal.

We've never walked so far with Owen and Matilda.  Matilda pretty much took it in her stride.  Owen needed slightly more encouragement but with a little shoulder support managed to keep up.  As he hotfooted it down the final slope, Tontine Anne and I cheering him on all the way, he told us: "Je suis le super des Owens."

Why yes you are my Owen boy.

And there were cousins, cousins everywhere!

Playing Little House on the Prairie in front of the gite


  1. Spectacular! I really can't wait to visit your corner of the world!

  2. Who's that guy in the 8th photo with the hi-tech t-shirt? Is that the brother-in-law who jogs? I can take him :)

    p.s we HAVE to go here when we go to France. 5 weeks!


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