Friday, 6 June 2014

Auntie Katie

I've mentioned Auntie Katie here before but I'm not sure she's ever had her own post.  And she bloomin' well deserves one.  She is a bright spark in all our lives.  She has just graced us with her ever thoughtful, entertaining and sustaining (in all senses of the word) presence.  The minibeasts adore her.  When I went to pick them up from school without her, both took one look at me and asked: "Where's Auntie Katie?"  When she brought down her bags ready to leave Owen told her he was sad she was going.  Me too, Owen.  I think it's so important for children to have other adults in their lives, besides their parents, who they are close to and in whom they can trust.  Who can be friends and confidantes and playmates.  My little lot are very lucky to have their Auntie Katie.

Promenading with Nell

With the larger minibeasts in school, Katie, Nell and I got to have some girltime.  Having friends, confidantes and playmates outside your immediate family circle is as important for adults as it is for kids and whenever I see my friends I'm reminded of this.  Nell visibly radiated in a bit of undivided attention.  She also got to enjoy her first train ride in a day trip to Narbonne.

And of course, my cake guru doesn't visit without me roping her in to make some cake.  This time we made Nigel Slater's coffee, nutella and praline slice.  Wow.  Under Katie's careful guidance I actually made praline.  Without anything going wrong.  Two days in with only cake crumbs left to show for our efforts and I look worryingly like I'm expecting a fourth child.  I'm not.  The only protruding tums round here from now on in will be purely cake-related.

Good cake

Here endeth my post dedicated to Katie, both auntie and otherwise.  We can't wait until your next visit...


  1. I want an Auntie Katie like lovely Auntie Katie! Come and make cakes with me!

  2. That cake looks too good!!!!


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