Friday, 9 May 2014

Grand designs

Owen's handiwork to the left; Matilda's to the right.

Yesterday, as I flung open my bedroom window to a new morning, I noticed that the window ledge had recently been somewhat refurbished.  I called the minibeasts upstairs, one by one, to ask if they knew where our ledge paintings had come from.

Matilda looked at me askance.  One of those looks that children give you that says: I have understood life whereas you understand precisely nothing, and said:
"I wanted to decorate the house."

Owen merrily informed me:
"That is where some dinosaures dessined some écrabouillages [drew some scribblings]."

Later on that same day, as I was strapping Matilda into the car I noticed that she had also decided to jolly up her car seat belt!

Now I tried to be stern about both incidents.  You can't just draw willy nilly about the place, can you?  Especially if it's not your place (don't want to find them leaving little souvenirs in other people's homes!).  But really I think her drawings (and Owen's scribblings) are sweet and they brighten up my day so we've agreed that if ever they feel the urge to "decorate" they will come and check with me first.  Chances are I'll tell them to go right ahead.    

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  1. Plus you used to draw on a absolutely everything when you were a kid. Actually it carried on into adulthood. Are you sure it wasn't you and you are just trying blame it on the kids?!? ;-) xxx


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