Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I'm not very good at downtime but today we spent the entire afternoon at home doing pretty much nothing (after being out all morning...).  We didn't even do "indoor activities", nothing educational or artistic or culinary or structured or constructive in any way.  We just was.  And I always forget how much I love that.*  At the moment Matilda and Owen are at their happiest playing together and they can play together for hours.  They love each other so much.  I'm thoroughly enjoying it while it lasts!

And look who's a happy bunny to be able to start getting in on the act :)

*Although I did manage to sneak in baking up some caramel shortbread and some flapjacks for our trip up to the mountains tomorrow.  What's a trip to the mountains if not an excuse to do some big fat baking.  

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  1. Just "being" is great! Nell's in for a treat ;)
    Have a lovely long weekend!


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