Sunday, 27 April 2014

Top Camel

On Friday Matilda took part in La Camelade des Pitchous, a schools' race as part of the celebrations for Saint Aphrodise (who came riding into Beziers on a camel), two times around the plateau des Poetes (about 800m).  In the morning I said to her "I bet you run faster than everybody else" (pushy, moi?!)  She humbly laughed off the idea, but she did run faster than everybody else, girls or boys!  I know my daughter.  She told me "My legs were hurting and I wanted to stop but I really wanted to win so I kept going".  When she told Fanf this he muttered darkly about the uber-competitive Pilbeam gene but really we're both dead proud.  That's our determined little champion :)


  1. A Camel? Really?!? It's quite exotic down there in Beziers!
    Congrats Matilda! I'm very impressed! I never knew you were competitive Bex. Maybe I should hang out with you more often ;)

    1. You definitely should, we can have a competition to see who can eat the most carrot cake, I'd win that ;)


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