Sunday, 23 March 2014

Lo 30en Carnaval Occitan

It's that time of year again.  Carnaval!  This year the theme was history.  Matilda was an ancient Greek - in wellies.  And Owen was a knight - in wellies.  After weeks of sun we had a grey and grizzly day.  I played along gamely with the grumbling but was quite happy not to have been processing under a blazing southern sun wearing a large black knight's tunic.  

The confetti.  The confetti.  I think that stuff is 2 parts itching powder.  And it gets everywhere.  We even found some in Nell's nappy.

With Zia, AKA Le Chevalier Papillon

Some of these percussionists are real cave people

The judgement of Monsieur Carnaval is performed by the older students.  With enormous gusto.  The minibeasts loved the two clowns.  I didn't understand a word but I was hugely impressed by their commitment.  What a shame drama is not a subject in French schools...  because it's not a "useful" subject, according to one parent.  Now there's an argument I'd like to have with someone.  Learning about human interaction through the process of human interaction required to practise one of the world's oldest art forms.  Nope, can't see how that would be useful at all.

Monsieur Carnaval took rather a long time to catch alight but eventually all the troubles and woes of 2013 went up in flames.

Fascinated by it all


  1. Drama is not a subject in french schools? At any level? Is it offered as an option when the kids are older? Well, you'll have to start your own Drama school, how about that??? ;)
    I'm impressed by the quality of your carnival with a touch of madness.

    1. Drama is not a subject at any level. Crazy. Maybe you should come over and teach... I like that idea a lot better :) xxx


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