Friday, 14 February 2014

Sweet offerings

Tonight we are off to Helke and Stephane's.  Just us.  Them.  Five kids.  And a big old pile of cheese and meat to cook on the raclette.  Yup, nothing says romance like the screams of overexcited minibeasts and indigestion.  I decided to make some Valentine's chocolates to take along.  Matilda helped.  They were really fun and dead easy.  We were pretty chuffed with ourselves.

And sweet offerings of a slightly different, stickier, but no less heartfelt kind.  On our way home from school we stop off at Vero's boulangerie to get our baguette and Vero gives the mini beasts each a sweet.  Matilda always gives me a nibble, and then insists on saving a nibble for her papa.  Below a selection of assorted nibbles we recently discovered Matilda had been saving up in the nut bowl.

In other news, yesterday Matilda decided to wear two skirts.

And lovely Uncle Ben has been here all week being lovely.


  1. So were they good? I only got to look at them and not taste them :-(

    1. I know - bad sister... They were good though :)

  2. Two skirts?! Awesome! My style. xox


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