Monday, 24 February 2014

Little sew and sew

This weekend I did a spot of sewing.

Now, at this point you might be getting worried.  Fearful that someone has hacked into my Google account and usurped my blog, someone who, unlike myself, is capable and domesticated.  But no, I, Rebecca Pilbeam, actually picked up a needle and thread and did some sewing.  I sewed a mini toga.  In fact several mini togas (costumes for the school's Carnaval Occitan).  It took me all Sunday morning to sew what anyone with even an ounce of skill could have done in 10 minutes but I was exceeding proud of myself.

That said, I doubt I shall be making a habit of it.

Photo by Owen

And having sewed we went out in the sunshine.  It was 19 degrees and glorious.  In February.  It's not all bad living in the south of France.  (Ask me again in July how I feel about living in the south of France...)


  1. Now I know what to get for your birthday ;)
    Love the pic of Matilda on her bike.

    1. Try imagining yourself in those pictures. Very soon :) xxx


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