Thursday, 9 January 2014

La Reine des Neiges

Elsa/Lisa (Matilda) in her ice palace (the shower) at the pivotal moment when Anna/Blanche Neige (Owen) arrives to try and convince her to come home.  Sadly I missed Matilda wailing "Ne me touche pas" and by the time I thought to start filming they had moved into a slightly different musical battle.

Be thankful you only have a couple of minutes, the performance went on for some time.

Since seeing La Reine des Neiges (Disney's new film, Frozen) life is pretty much sung through around here.  With bits from Matilda the Musical thrown in.  The other night Owen told me his favourite song from the show was 'My mummy says I'm a haricot' (My mummy says I'm a miracle).  But I think Owen's own version, in this instance, is probably closer to the truth.

I love that my kids are so - what's the word - creative... imaginative... dramatic...

...odd, yes, that's it, that they're so odd.

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't back off a little bit and encourage Fanf to exercise a more normal influence over the minibeasts.


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