Thursday, 19 December 2013

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Or les chats ne font pas des chiens, as the French say.  So, can you guess who this lovely little chap is?  Yes, yes, it is our pater familias.  Just imagine my surprise and glee when I received this in my photostream from my belle soeur, Steph.  Fanf says his sisters dressed him up like that, but I see no signs of protestation on his chirpy made-up face.

And as for the sisters [Left: Steph, right: Anne], good lord, the hair!  Fanf claimed it was just the style but I don't think even the 80s can be blamed for these monstrous coiffures.  I mean the older cousin behind looks perfectly normal.

Owen, clearly you have inherited more than your good looks from your papa.


  1. Ha ha ha! You can definitely see the resemblance. It's also the same smile xxx

  2. Owen looks so much like Fanf! I used to dress up my brother as "my sister" quite a bit too.
    p.s. Who is the taller girl? the sitter?

    1. That's their cousin, Celine.

      I was going to say, these poor younger brothers who get made over by bossy elder sisters but actually, lucky those little brothers with big sisters who get to explore a different side of themselves. I suspect they don't thank us enough ;)

  3. Hilarious. Fanf is a very pretty little girl ;o)


  4. I also remember when you and Genevieve crimped Dan's hair! Big sisters are always the same xx


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