Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Moving Pictures

My darling brother Ben donated his Mac to me this summer, thus assuaging many years of Mac envy.  But being the technical amoeba that I am, I have only just worked out how to get videos into my blog again.  And when I say "I", I mean Fanf.

So there is a bit of a back log.  But here are a couple I particularly love.

One of Nell giving it some welly with her screeching.
[Warning: You may want to turn the sound down before viewing.]

One of Matilda making her little sister giggle.

And a brand new only-filmed-today video of Matilda in her end of term circus show.  Seeing her up there with the big ones (she's very proud she's been bumped up with les grands), so happy and giving it her all, I felt so proud.  Even a little teary.  Having kids is making me soppy.

In other unrelated news, when Nell was in full screech today, I commented that she was as happy as a pig in mud, to which Owen took great offense, explaining to me that she was actually crying because I had called her a pig.


  1. Bravo Matilda! Staying up on that big ball is quite impressive (I didn't know one had to keep moving their feet) and I liked the little twirly thing she did with the hoop. Super Matilda!

  2. As for Nell's screeching: she just can't enough of it, can she? ;) She's so happy!

  3. As Grandad Pilbeam would say, Nell needs oiling.

    Very impressed by Matilda



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